How to Submit URL (website) to Google

Why is it Important submitting website to google:

Before jumping to ‘How‘ let me tell you why do you need to submit URL to google and What will it do?

These are the few things that Google Search Console(GSC) can do.

  • Helps you in understanding How Google views your site.
  • Google Crawls your site for content.
  • You can monitor how people visit your site through search results.
  • GSC Helps in monitoring malware or spam on your website.
  • Websites those are linking to your site.
  • Helps you understand Site performance on mobile devices.

With the help of above features, you can Monitor and improve the performance of your website in search results.

Steps Involved:

Now let’s see how you can submit your URL(website ) to Google Search Console.

I find this method so helpful in submitting my site to Google, Bing and Yandex Search Engines.
Let me generalise the entire process in 5 steps

1. Install Yoast SEO plugin in WordPress

2.Generate XML Sitemaps in Yoast SEO

3.Submit website to the Search engine(Google, Bing, Yandex

4.Verify ownership with the help of ‘Web Master Tools’ option in Yoast SEO Plugin.

5.Submit the generated XML Sitemap in the search engine.

I know there are other methods too in verifying ownership but with this approach, I can avoid logging into my domain registrar account or Hosting Service provider account.

How to..?

Before Proceeding, you must have pages on your site.
1. Now login to WordPress and go to ‘Plugins’ select ‘Add Plugin’, Search for ‘Yoast Seo’ download it and then activate.

How to Submit URL to Google
Select ‘Yoast Seo’ from the left sidebar and select ‘Features’.
Enable ‘Advanced Settings Pages’ as shown in figure and save changes.
Now you can see ‘XML Sitemaps’ under ‘Yoast Seo.’

2. Now that you have created pages you can generate XML Sitemaps by clicking on it.
When a Sitemap opens in new window, copy the link which looks likes this
Now copy this URL into a notepad

How to Submit URL to Google

3. Now log into Google Search Console

Then window like this one opens, select ‘Add Property.’

How to Submit URL to Google

Now copy-paste your URL here and click ‘add.’

How to Submit URL to Google

4. The next step involves verifying ownership of your domain it can be done in many ways.
I prefer ‘Alternate methods’ using ‘HTML tags.’

how to submit URL to google

Copy the HTML tag in a notepad, now open ‘Webmaster tools’ in ‘Yoast Seo.’
Paste the HTML tag in ‘Google Search Console‘ and save changes.

How to submit URL to Google

Now click on ‘verify’ in ‘Google Search Console.’
That’s it your site is verified now.

5.Select your website in Search Console >Home. Now click on ‘Crawl’ in ‘Search Console’ under which select ‘Sitemaps’.

How to submit URL to google

Now paste the URL of XML Sitemaps which you have copied in step2. And done.

Yoast Automatically updates Sitemaps when new pages are added or deleted.

Last one step is requesting Google to index your site on Desktop, and Mobile devices With this step Submitting process completes Select Crawl>Fetch as Google>Desktop(from dropdown)>Fetch and Render>Request Indexing

Select, Crawl>Fetch as Google>Desktop(from drop-down menu)>Fetch and Render>Request Indexing.

Submit URL to Google

When you click on Request submitting following window pops up, verify captcha and select Crawl this URL and its direct links and hit Go button.

Submit URL to Google

Now repeat the same process for Mobile Smartphone from the drop-down menu and request indexing.

By now your task is done with Google Search Console, and it’s their(Google) turn to crawl your website.
It might take some time to display statistics of your site in ‘Search Console’. Usually, it takes more than 24 hours.

Final words:

According to ‘StatCounter’  World wide Market share (July 2017) of search engines across all platforms(Desktop, Tablet, Mobile) is
Google = 92.02%
Bing = 2.55%
Yahoo =2.23%
Baidu = 1.44%
Yandex = 0.49%

So I Prefer submitting my website to Google, Bing, and Yandex.

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Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section.


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