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Professional Blogging Tools I Use and Recommend

I’ve been blogging for over a year now and have used various tools and products for my blogs.

This page boils down all the tools I use and these tools make my day easier. 90% of the tools below are used on at least one of my blogs (Niche Sites).

Each tool has helped me in a unique way. Few tools offer similar services and yet they are somehow differentiated by their

  • Price
  • Support
  • Ease of Use and
  • A number of features offered.

Let’s agree that, no one likes single option I am no exception. So I mentioned few another alternate [ALT] tools which can offer the same service.

You can skip the hard research part and start with these alternatives and I am certain that it’s a good place to start.

Trust me, it sucks to evaluate each and every alternative available in the market [read example] and takes days to finalise so lucky you are you can skip the hard work now.

Last but not least, Yes, I am partnered (Affiliate) with these services. I might earn compensation (Commission) from these services If you make any purchase with the below links at zero cost to you.

Quick Fact: Two Million Blog posts are published every day So hurry up.



Namecheap is my reliable partner in providing domain registrations. Name cheap offers cheap deals on domains. At present, I have nine domains registered with Namecheap.

Along with cheap deals, Namecheap provides a clean interface in managing DNS. Quick Tip Buy the domain for more than a year (4+ Years) you will get huge savings.


I used GoDaddy in my early days, in fact, I bought my first domain with GoDaddy and still continue with them.

Fun Fact I wasn’t aware of any other domain registrar service at that time and also thought that GoDaddy is the only registrar on this planet 😉 .

Even they do offer nice deals and clean interface to manage domains.



SiteGround keeps me with peace of mind. All of my sites are hosted on Siteground they have been reliable.

They have the best Customer support in hosting industry. They provide Free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, SSD storage, Custom built Supercacher, FREE Cloudflare CDN.

Auto upgrade feature which keeps all of my sites updated with latest WordPress versions. And the list goes on.

I love SiteGround for Their Support and Reliability.

InMotion (ALT)

If there wasn’t SiteGround I would have opted InMotion. They offer Complete WordPress Optimised Web Hosting.

Recently InMotion started offering plans similar to SiteGround which is worth considering (Started offering after I moved to SiteGround unlucky me :)).

They offer a huge amount of Web storage (SSD) in each plan which is more than enough.

Also, you will get a FREE domain and $250 in Ad credits That’s not all you will get Industry leading 90 days money back guarantee.

NOTE: They have Two different types of Packages, Business Hosting & WordPress Hosting you can choose as per your budget.

BlueHost (ALT)

I usually don’t recommend Bluehost but their Prime plan offers the same amount of features like SiteGround and InMotion.

Other plans are good for very small traffic blogs. Support is also one thing you need to consider it is not as quick as SiteGround.

Also Note, Only Credit Card payments are eligible for the Money Back guaranteed policy.



Lightweight, SEO & Landing Page Builder Friendly. If you are like me who don’t like spending monthly subscription to Landing Page Builders, But looking to create a layout something similar to your favourite blogger’s blog. This one is for you(& me).

If you like to improve website speed and looking to improve GTmetrix scores, then this is the one to pick. I have seen Great Improvements after changing to GeneratePress theme.

Of all the themes i have tried this is the best and costs you $39.

I changed my blog theme from Genesis Framework(+Theme:$99) to GeneratePress($39).

Genesis Framework

This site is built on Genesis Framework provided by StudioPress Themes. These themes are fully optimised for SEO.

Genesis framework improves site loading speed like super crazy. These themes are fully responsive and mobile optimised.

They provide excellent documentation support and YouTube is filled with tons of Genesis Tutorials.

QUICK FACT: Content brings the traffic not colourful themes.  


Open Site Explorer (FREE MOZ TOOLS)

It is one of the best free tools. This tool shows all your inbound, outbound links, domain authority, page authority and much more.

They also provide Free Chrome Add-on which lets you find key page metrics of any page you visit.


KWFINDER is the premium option available for keyword research. You get SERP stats and Keyword difficulty and suggested keywords relevant page metrics.

They offer a free version which lets you make two keyword research per day.

It is the cheapest option compared to other keyword research tools in the market and it is a good place to start.

Google Adwords Keyword Planner

I use free Google Keyword planner for keyword ideas. My keyword research starts with this tool. From here I will take the potential keywords with good search volume.

I even consider Keywordtool. io and Ubersuggest to sort out the keyword list and then I will put this list in the Premium keyword research tool.


LSIGraph helps in finding LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) Keywords which are relevant to seed keyword in simple words,

it helps me to avoid keyword stuffing and helps Google Search Engine to identify the content relevant to provide accurate results.

For example, this is for your understanding When a user searches for ‘Apple mobile’, google search engine provides search results with the help of LSI keywords by avoiding content related to ‘Apple Fruit’.


Drip Email Marketing

Drip is a premium option but you can use this tool for FREE up to 100 subscribers and you can use all the features without limitations except Drip branding.

It helps you segmenting email readers by their actions with the help of tags.

They offer intelligent workflow builder and that’s not all Drip gives your subscribers lead score based on their engagement with your content, which helps you identify potential customers.

And more advanced features are provided to optimise your email marketing.

Mailerlite Email Marketing

Mailerlite is an excellent option if you are starting out, I personally enjoyed their service. They offer free plan up to 1000 subscribers.

You can design and embed the SignUp forms, pop up forms, build landing pages. You can send personalised emails to each subscriber.

MailChimp Email Marketing

MailChimp is a most well-known tool for email marketing.

It is the beginners choice because of accommodating 2000 (that’s huge) email subscribers and capacity of sending 12000 emails per month for free. I use MailChimp on one of my websites.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a FREE analytics tool provided by Google to measure the traffic on your website.

This data provide lots of insights about your site visitors like Number of Users, Pageviews, Sessions, Bounce rate, location, device used to access your website and a lot more data is generated.

This data can help you make informed decisions.

Google Search Console (GSC)

GSC lets you know how your site appears in Google search results and also shows which pages are performing well, what queries are bringing visitors to your site and positions of web pages on Google.

Indexing status, crawling errors. You can submit your website and sitemap to Google from here.


Smartlook is a FREE & Premium tool which records your user interactions on your website. So that you can view your site through the user’s eye.

It helps you understand how users are navigating your site. Overall you can check for yourself how users experiencing your website and make any necessary changes if it is needed.

You can even generate Heatmaps to find out which areas users are clicking more.



These tools, save a ton of time in proofreading. I am not good at keeping up with grammar so, a tool like this saves me like an angel.

Also, it is FREE. However, their Premium version offers more features than the free version. One thing I can say is it saves me from being embarrassed for silly grammar mistakes.


Now Ginger is another FREE grammar checker tool which comes close to Grammarly in rectifying mistakes. I use both, but ginger is cheaper compared to Grammarly. For a while, I used Grammarly premium and then I started using Ginger premium. For me both are great. Now I am using Ginger Premium and Grammarly Free version.

Google Doc

I can write from any device on the same document either it is Mobile, Tablet, Laptop or Desktop and the best part is an auto-saving feature, every word you type gets saved.

Even if you don’t have internet access on mobile you can still write on Google Doc and it will be saved.

Thanks to Google I can manage all the documents in one place. It is a lifesaver for bloggers and content writers.

Google Sheets

I manage lots of lists on a regular basis like To do list, Blog post links, Affiliate links, My expenses, Keyword research list, Resource lists, My favourite articles list, and Social media scheduling, etc..

All the sheets are stored in Google Sheets likewise Google Docs It can also be managed from any device.

Google Slides

I use Google Slides in generating professional slides and also producing content upgrades. I use google slides to generate beautiful PDF files as a giveaway which helps me in generating subscribers.

Google Slides offer beautiful and professional templates to create slides. You can even create Videos explaining the slide presentation.


Google Drive

Google Drive helps me storing and syncing important files across all of my devices. I can access any file from any device.

Almost all of the digital files I have on my devices can be easily accessed from one single place i.e., Google Drive.


All of my sites are backed up to a remote storage location.

I create and store backup files on Dropbox. Dropbox is an excellent option for Storage and Sharing files.


Let me introduce you to Pcloud the company which offers you cloud storage at one off payment and you can access the cloud storage for the lifetime.

They even offer subscription plans too.



I Use Pixabay for royalty free and CC0 license photos.

Which means free to use, no copyright issue will arise for you. It is very important to understand copyright laws associated with photos.

Using copyrighted material will land you with huge penalties which you can’t even imagine.


Canva is a most used tool for editing photos. If you feel like photoshop is foreign to you then Canva is the best place to go for the photo editing purpose.

Canva provides you with different resolutions for quick editing. They have free and premium plans to use.

Pablo by Buffer

Pablo is another tool to help you with editing photos for social media. It is provided by Buffer you can only edit images that are fit for social networks.

Buffer is Social Media Management platform.


Inkscape is an open source tool you can download for free. But it involves some learning curve, you can get used to it.

I personally use it more than canva. It helps me to create logos, SVG files, Infographic charts and many file formats. It is a great alternative to Photoshop.

If you’ve found this page helpful, please share it. Thanks!

Keep Checking, I will be updating this list whenever I come across good tools.

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