Hey, there this is harish.Well,

Who Is He?

about harish naik

As per his Undergraduate Degree Certificate, He is a Mechanical Engineer.

As per his Post Graduate Degree Certificate, He has Master of Business Administration (MBA).

As per his interest, He is an Amateur Photographer.

As per profession, He is a Digital Marketer who is trying to prove himself.

What is he doing here?

I am sharing my knowledge by implementing all the Strategies, Techniques and Methods that I learned from Professional Bloggers and Digital Marketers here at harishnaik.com.

And will share my journey towards success in Digital Marketing for all the beginners.

Why Digital Marketing?

It was accidental, but the best thing that happened to me. Well to answer the question why?

I think Digital Marketing is the only field where one will be presented with a lot of tools.Don’t take my word go and see for yourself.

That’s the part I like about Digital Marketing.It gives me an opportunity to multitask and hone my skills with every day.

Over a period of one year, I have learned about a lot of tools about which I will be sharing on this blog.

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