8 [Hidden] Things You Must Know Before You Sign-Up for Web Hosting

Hosting Companies do offer great deals for those who are just starting out in the digital space. With those beautiful landing pages and attractive numbers with endless promises, it’s easy to give in yourself. There is a big but here. How many of you read Terms of service and Privacy Policy pages of those sales pages. Feel free to let me know in the comment section.

The team of psychologists from the universities of Illinois and Florida has concluded that, while we now live and work in an environment filled with information, we filter out most of what we see and hear.

Those who are about to make a decision just by comparing the information provided on sales pages and reading some reviews. Take a moment and do compare the Terms of Service pages. I am quite confident that you will be surprised by the Information you find.

Don’t have enough time? Okay, here I have listed 8 major things you must know before you sign-up for Web Hosting.

1.Type of Hosting Plan:

It is important to understand the types of Hosting services available.

  • Shared Hosting
  • VPS
  • Dedicated Servers
  • Cloud Hosting


Most of the beginners can opt the popular shared hosting. Shared hosting is the most preferred choice for beginners because of its advantages.


  • Shared hosting is cheap compared to all the other options.
  • These plans are equipped with almost all the basic features that a beginner needs.


  • Your site will be placed along with other sites in the same server.
  • Security issues. If any site has a security breach it might affect your site.
  • It affects your site performance if any of the sites have a sudden spike in traffic.

Managed WordPress Hosting is another option which is exclusively customised for the WordPress. If you are planning to use only WordPress then Managed WordPress Hosting is the best option.

Almost all of the Hosting companies maintain separate pages for Shared Hosting and Managed WordPress Hosting with a Slight difference in features offered.

Both the plans look almost same, so be aware of the plan you sign-up for.

For example, check Inmotion hosting plans.


All the other plans are for those who are looking big traffic and they are expensive compared to Shared Hosting plans.

2.Hidden Secrets of Money-Back Guarantee Policy:

You bought the hosting service and now you are not satisfied with the performance of your website because of poor service quality.

Now what?

I will request a refund as simple as it is. (Assuming you are in Money Back guarantee Period)

Let’s see if you are a Bluehost user.

Bluehost Refund Policy:

Let me ask you, what is the mode of payment you used while signing up for a hosting plan?.

  1. PayPal
  2. Credit card

If your answer is option one, I am so sorry for you. And congrats if you used the second mode of payment.

Bluehost has clearly stated that You are eligible for refund If you have used a credit card at the time of Initial Transaction.


Let’s see Few other Hosting providers refund policies.

Hostgator Refund Policy:


SiteGround Refund Policy:


It differs from each company so it is best to check their refund policy before you hit that sign up button.

3.Refund Policies Available for Only…:

Refund policies are not applicable to all the plans. In order to check that you must visit terms of service page.

The specific type of package(plan) is not covered under the money back guarantee(MBG).

Few companies have not covered their premium hosting plans like Cloud, VPS, & Dedicated servers under MBG policy.


90, day money back guarantees come with hidden conditions. You only get a refund if you met certain conditions like Fair Usage Policy.

You must comply with their terms like, If there is any kind of unethical activity from your side (site), Your eligibility for refund policy will be revoked.

4.Domain Free for 1 Year/Forever:

A domain would cost you around $10 per year If you buy it separately. Whereas Hosting providers offer you a domain name for free.

Now let’s dive deeper into the word free,


You get a domain name free for the first year alone. From second year onwards you are supposed to make payments for the domain.


You get the domain name free forever as long as you use the hosting provider service. Once you plan to move your site to another hosting service, you get charged for your domain name and I am certain that it is higher than nominal charge.

It is always best to have your domain name separately. Pointing a domain name to your hosting server is as easy as filling the blanks.

5.Reseller or DIrect Seller:


Let’s consider ‘A’ as a Parent Hosting provider. Now Individual/company  ‘B’ buys a set amount of package from A.

Now B Offers Hosting service as another company or with the same brand and they are called as resellers.

Most popular Hosting companies offer Reseller Hosting Package.

Always Make sure from whom you are buying because Hosting companies have different terms of service for Resellers.


Once a payment is done Companies save that payment information for Auto Renewal purpose.

Because companies lock your information prior to your renewal period, It might be a week or fifteen days prior to your renewal date. And it changes from one to another.

It is best practice to check for renewal date and availability of funds at the right time to avoid issues like insufficient fund payments or service suspension.


I would like to add one of my personal experiences. As a blogger, we get to use many tools and services most of them are subscription basis.

I was subscribed to one popular tool. Once I was charged without prior intimation and when I asked support team, they told me that, according to their policy terms they were allowed to charge me without prior intimation. That was absurd.

Sometimes we get lost using so many tools, remembering all the renewal dates is not possible. A little reminder helps us avoid such uncomfortable situation.

7.Data Center location:


Let’s say your target audience is from India Then Look for hosting providers who have their data centre located near to or in India.

Latency will be reduced If your site is located near to your target audience.

Just In case if you are wondering what is Latency here is the meaning

Latency is a delay. Latency is how long it takes data to travel between its source and destination, measured in milliseconds.

This helps in faster loading obviously improving the user experience.

8.Look out for Discounts:


Don’t rush to make a payment there is a likely chance that you can save a few bucks.

Companies do offer great discounts on special occasions.

Look around before you sign up and you might find great deals. For saying, SiteGround offers 60% discount for first-time users.

Companies are spending millions of dollars to attract first time users. Don’t miss out such deals.


Hope you understand the value of reading hidden terms of service providers. I cannot guarantee that above points are applicable to each service provider.

But I am certain that two or three will apply. I get it going through each and every point in terms of service page is kind of a pain in somewhere.Spending an hour or half is much better than regretting an entire year.

Last thing you will be surprised by the results if you dig deeper into hosting service provider terms.

Just in case you are wondering  How I Choose Web Hosting you can read it here.

It’s better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret.Click To Tweet
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